A scripted web series about a support group for celebrity lookalikes. 


We never thought we'd be ushered into an exclusive rooftop club with Jack Nicholson, fighting off a legion of fans and amateur paparazzi. That we'd see Rihanna naked. That we'd wake up early to a screaming Hillary Clinton in the bathroom... Almost. 

Almost Anonymous: a crazy, curvy ride through the world of celebrity doppelgangers, who at turns loathe and love their quasi-celebrity status. 

This is how the series began: Mathilde had just read a French novel about a woman who looks just like Scarlett Johansson. Elisabeth was the first to point out that it was a movie begging to be made. We met with the author, but acquiring the rights proved impossible, because he was being sued by the real Scarlett Johansson.

But having researched lookalikes, we became fascinated with the stories we uncovered. We scoured Reddit posts. We reached out to professional stand-ins. We met with a porn star. Almost Anonymous had begun. 




Elisabeth Durkin and Mathilde Dratwa.    Photo by Maria Cobb

Elisabeth Durkin and Mathilde Dratwa. 

Photo by Maria Cobb